of quarry gold ore gold ore

of quarry gold ore gold ore


mine 'n' refine. seven trust ore by itself is generally useless for anything but certain requests, and sells for very little at a shop. once you've finished a mining run, carry your haul to gus and pay him to refine it, which will transform your ore into much more useful metals and jewels.

best place to farm gold ore?

the two ore deposits in blood prince can drop gold, but it is rare. i don't know what spots in boat 4 are good for that. in order to mine bp, lure the first vampire boss down the hallway and around the corner, then head back to his area. he shouldn't follow you, allowing you to mine the two spots in his area and leave. try not to kill him

gold ore??

anyways people still say ruins of scantity is a good place to farm gold ores. 'i'm not reading reviews when i can just ask this board.' - tormaksaber asking about sam and max on the tf2 board . user info: kongsifu. kongsifu topic creator 9 years ago 6. so say i did find a gold ore, now i have to kill blood prince to actually get the ores right? or can i just forfeit and go to town.?? user


gold x2 moonstone x1: mine gold ore from levels 6-10, 16-35, 46-50, 61-80, 91-100 and refine mine moonstone ore from levels 11-25, 36-45, 81-90 and refine. pink diamond x3: invention 8: orichalcum x2 adamantite x1: upgrade hammer, mine orichalcum ore from levels 36-40, 46-60, 71-80, 91-100 upgrade hammer, mine adamantite ore from levels 61-80

where can i find gold ore?

take the quest then go there to the mine and it'll be there. user info: luiman04. luiman04 expert - 7 years ago 0 0. other answers. alternatively find the transmute spell in halted stream camp or ansilvund burial chambers and you can change iron ore>silver ore>gold ore as much as you want. user info: astartespete.

where can i find gold ore?

you can find gold ore in the dwarven mine 2 rocks , in the karajama/cranador volcano 2 rocks , i believe that there are 2 in the al karid scorpion mine, and the best place in the crafting guild 40 craft there are probably 8-10 rocks there gold is almost not worth mass mining unless you can get into the guild.

rare blade 16

gold: 5660. exp. 6380. sp: 261: x1 agate x1 diamond x1 specials lv 2 plus iv x1 movement heal v. go to the inn in fonsa myma with agate in the party. look for a new type of ore at the old quarry, uraya. meet misimisi the jeweler at argentum trade guild. search each region for new types of mineral and have misimisi appraise them for you.

anyone have a good ore farm route?

for the elder scrolls online: tamriel unlimited on the xbox one, a gamefaqs message board topic titled 'anyone have a good ore farm route?'.

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