geology genesis of au ag mo porphyry epithermal deposits

geology genesis of au ag mo porphyry epithermal deposits

porphyry copper deposit

for copper-molybdenum porphyry deposits, formation is broadly concentrated in three time periods: palaeocene-eocene, eocene-oligocene, and middle miocene-pliocene. for both porphyry and epithermal gold deposits, they are generally from the time period ranging from the middle miocene to the recent period., however notable exceptions are known.

epithermal gold deposits part 1

epithermal gold deposits part ii geology and gold deposits of the oatman district, northwestern arizona by ed dewitt, jon p. thorson,1 and robert c. smith2 abstract mines in the oatman mineralized district, near oatman in northwestern arizona, have produced more than 1.98 million ounces of gold from mid-tertiary, epithermal, silver-

porphyry deposits: general characteristics and modeling

the basics intrusion centered spatially associated with porphyritic intrusions dominantly related to a volcanic edifice geometry reflects the intrusive system, structures, and host rock form/composition disseminated cu /-mo, au, ag mineralization concentric alteration zones 2->5 times the size of the deposit; vertical zoning 500- 3000m the basics: field features k-silicate, later sericite

publications greg corbett

structural controls to porphyry cu-au and epithermal au-ag deposits 2002 in applied structural geology for mineral exploration: australian institute of geoscientists bulletin 36, p. 32-35. epithermal au-ag the magmatic connection, comparisons between east and west pacific rim, 2003, in the ishihara symposium: granites and associated

mp1-geology and genesis of gold mineralization, and

geology, genesis of gold deposit and occurrences in malaysia dr. kamar shah ariffin school of materials and mineral resources engineering universiti sains malaysia 14300 nibong tebal. metal price. classification of mineral deposits hydrothermal deposits magmatic deposits syngenetic deposits porphyry deposits skarn deposits vein deposits mississippi valley type deposits massive volcanogenic

anatomy of porphyry-related mineralised au-cu-ag-mo systems

levels to form high and low sulphidation epithermal au-ag deposits in the upper 1 km or so of the crust. in broad terms, many porphyry cu deposits with accessary mo occur in the western north and south americas within calc alkaline magmatic arcs titley, 1993; sillitoe

regional and local structural controls on the distribution

mine in bc produced 171,600 oz au and 23,500 t cu in 2009 , and contains several other significant calc-alkaline porphyry cu-au-mo kemess north and pine and epithermal au-ag shasta, baker, and lawyers deposits figure 1 . possible genetic linkages between porphyry and epithermal deposits in the district were investigated

iron oxide copper gold ore deposits

iron oxide copper gold ore deposits iocg are important and highly valuable concentrations of copper, gold and uranium ores hosted within iron oxide dominant gangue assemblages which share a common genetic origin. these ore bodies range from around 10 million tonnes of contained ore, to 4,000 million tonnes or more, and have a grade of between 0.2% and 5% copper, with gold contents ranging

geology and genesis of the multistage high-sulfidation

geology and genesis of the multistage high-sulfidation epithermal pascua au-ag-cu deposit, chile and argentina annick chouinard, department of geological sciences and geological engineering, queens university, kingston, ontario, canada k7l 3n6 anthony e. williams-jones,

2.2 porphyry-epithermal mineral system geoscience australia

skarn deposits are also zoned in this mineral system, with cu-rich skarns generally very close to the causative intrusion, but zn-pb-rich skarns more distal. an important feature of the porphyry-epithermal mineral system is the telescoping of different deposit types, for instance porphyry cu-au-mo deposits and epithermal deposits of various types.

genesis of au-ag-mo porphyry-epithermal deposits

this article on the genesis of au-ag-mo porphyry-epithermal deposits has me a little unclear from the abstract but are they suggesting that part or all of the fluid in a porphyry system is vapor or that the fluid behaves like a vapour?

geochronology of the tumpangpitu porphyry au-cu-mo and

the tumpangpitu porphyry and high-intermediate-sulfidation epithermal deposit is the largest deposit in the tujuh bukit district, southeast java, indonesia. the porphyry resource contains 1.9 billion tonnes 0.45% cu and 0.45 g/t au, for 28.1 moz au and 19 billion lbs of cu. there are an additional 2.1 moz au and 72.9 moz of ag in oxidized

porphyry mo and epithermal au ag pb zn mineralization in

the zhilingtou polymetallic deposit, south china, provides an excellent opportunity to investigate the magmatic-hydrothermal evolution of the porphyry mo to epithermal au ag pb zn ore spectrum. new zircon u pb, sphalerite 40ar/39ar, and pyrite rb sr ages, together with previous molybdenite re os ages, indicate that the granitic magmatism and mo au ag pb zn mineralization

genesis of the giant zijinshan epithermal cu-au and

for example, the cretaceous mineralizations include porphyry cu mo and porphyry-epithermal cu au ag systems which are associated with the calc-alkaline granitic intrusions, whereas peraluminous and/or metaluminous granitic intrusions are related to the polymetallic w sn deposits and the subvolcanic-related hydrothermal u deposits jiang

descriptive model of porphyry au

descriptive model of porphyry au. model number 20d. by james j. rytuba and dennis p. cox brief description. deposit type: porphyry au other names for same type: stockwork au, lihir island au. date of compilation: january 1991. principal commodity: au relative importance: a newly recognized type of deposit containing large tonnages of low-grade gold ore.

geology and genesis of the multistage high-sulfidation

the giant pascua epithermal au-ag-cu deposit is located in the el indio belt of north-central chile and argentina and was the product of a high-sulfidation hydrothermal system. the host rocks consist mainly of triassic granite and heterolithic miocene breccia pipes. granitic rocks host 60 percent of the mineralization or >80% if granitic

porphyry deposits: the world's largest source of copper

greg ashcroft is an exploration geologist with a honors in geological sciences from the university of manitoba. his adventures as a geologist have taken him from the vms deposits of northern manitoba, to the au-ag epithermal and cu-au alkalic porphyry deposits of central and southern british columbia. greg is also the founder of alpha

genetic relation between the tertiary porphyry cu- ±mo

geological sketch map showing the geology of the greek thrace region and the porphyry cu- ±mo and the epithermal au- ±ag deposits. me melitena, mr maronia, ks kassiteres, pr pagoni rachi, ml

genesis of au-ag-mo porphyry-epithermal deposits

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porphyry mo and epithermal au ag pb zn mineralization in

the zhilingtou polymetallic deposit, south china, provides an excellent opportunity to investigate the magmatic-hydrothermal evolution of the porphyry mo to epithermal au ag pb zn ore spectrum.

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