circular sharpening stones fine grade

circular sharpening stones fine grade

ceramic rod grits?

the thing is, when i was on amazon shopping around for ceramic sharpening rods, the grits that i saw being referenced if they were even listed at all were all around 1000 grit, and the idahone fine that i've seen recommended around different sites is listed as 1200.

are there different honing rods?

as long as you are not applying excessive pressure your steel is probably fine. the w├╝sthof rod is also ribbed, i have one. i've tried stones and i don't have the patience to get high enough up the learning curve to be successful. instead i bought an edge pro sharpening kit and i can tell you it is great. if you can't get the edge you want on

any of these sharpening stones decent?

those king stones and naniwa stones from your photo will likely work for your masakage yuki. i just don't know for sure. chefknivestogo sells more expensive stones because their stones are usually higher grade and because they are also larger. however, you don't have to use very high grade stones. otherwise, everyone will be buying $100 stones.

buying sharpening stones

i think even for many of us who have some knowledge about knives and sharpening stones are very limited in term what these companies truly can offer. every year they launch something new almost like mcdonald . i think this year they launch the circular stone. i don't think i understand why. i think it is suppose to allow you to sharpen a knife

sharpening stone advice for an ignorant person

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sharpening stones for a newbie

until you get a carbon knife you won't need anything over 3000, i don't think. as others have said, you will need something to dress your stones, but you can use a glass plate and fine grade carbide paper for that initially. i really like the aoto stone as a 2000 to 3000 grit. it is a softer stone but is very large and it is much like a

home knife sharpening

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japanese gyuto chef's knife advice: tojiro dp

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starting to sharpen and getting a whetstone

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work sharp culinary kitchen knife sharpeners

but there are enough things that can go wrong--overheating, too many/few passes, too much pressure, clogged wheels, etc., that you might want to spend your money on a sharpening class or a professional sharpening service. ironically, most pro sharpeners i exclude from this group supermarkets and williams-sonoma also use electric sharpeners

knife sharpeners?

a little more info on the honing/stropping of a fine edge. july 26, 2010 did you know part 6 using a sharpening steel i thought i might write a post about using a sharpening steel because i learned about how one works only a couple of years ago. finding out how it works gave me the confidence to use it more often and more effectively.

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anyone use a belt sander for sharpening knives?

every video i have ever seen on knife making they used a belt sander for sharpening the knives. i would guess a high production knife factory would have some special automated machine. i really can't see a bunch of elderly japanese men craftsmen hand sharpening knives on a water stone. maybe final touch-up, but not the main sharpening.

iso japanese wetstone

it was too high for an oil stone, but a bit too cheap for a japanese waterstone and it was made in japan too. what it is, is a combintation stone. it has some japanese writings. the rough side is not waterstone, but some high grade carbide and the fine side is traditional water stone. it also looks like this stone not the same one, but look

knife sharpeners?

i am wondering if this is why smilingal original poster does not get good results after the honing stage. on one hand, this is often true for manual knife sharpening. on the other hand, my impression is that the honing stage on these electric sharpener is not really done on an extra fine surfaces, so stropping may not do much.

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