gold ore plant conveyor belt

gold ore plant conveyor belt

plants vs. zombies

map: all land, night zombies encountered: regular flag conehead buckethead balloon quarterback plants/weapons: this level is done conveyor belt style peashooter repeater cactus wall-nut cherry bomb lawnmower last line of defense strategy: this one's always fun do to the random portals. these portals can make or break your strategy as they

luigi's mansion: dark moon

gold greenies are a gold colored ghost with 20 hp that are typically hidden in out of the way or obscure places. finding the gold greenies in each level of luigi's mansion dark moon can help quite a bit with getting 3 star ranks. i won't go into that too much since there are other guides for that, but ghosts are the most important factor for


beyond this room, you'll enter another area with a conveyor belt and lasers. proceed down the belt the same way as last time, and turn left at the end and check behind the crates for a hi-potion 13 . jump to the other side of the conveyor belt and follow the arrow to another one. repeat the process and you'll finally reach the control panel

rate the plant tier list

the gold leaf has the distinction of being a niche plant not in the c tier. well, sort of, as it gets a tie between b and c, joining bowling bulb in a half tier. hot potato drops 1 position. === today we rank the strawburst, the special event plant of this summer. so we have arrived at the final and most recent plant for now. from what i've

plants vs. zombies

instead of choosing seeds, you have a conveyor belt. seeds will come in from the right and head left in the box. drag a seed out to plant it. once planted, it disappears from the conveyor. if you don't plant them right away, they will pile up on the left side of the conveyor. if the conveyor belt is full, no more plants will be able to come in.

side quests

metal dogoo belt; how to complete: the idea is simple, colelct magic stones, but the execution is time consuming. you must search all over the game to find these stones. searching every nook and cranny is the best way to finish this quest, or you can follow the walkthrough step by step to find them.

nier: automata

since we shut down the power ages ago, everything's dark and they're not moving anymore so cross these compressors and enter the door above them. go up the stairs and start going right. destroy the exploding machines, jump across the broken stairs and you'll be in a conveyor belt area once again, it's shut down. cross it and on the other side

rate the plant tier list

congrats to blooming heart for being the second worst plant === today we rank the escape root, a way to finally switch plants' positions. once again i don't have any real experience with this seven trust besides that one conveyor belt level. however, i think it's a great implementation of an idea that's been floating around for ages. it's not

canisters in droid factory?

conveyor belt, go down from the middle fan. use the force on the gear twice, then use the grapple point. blast the target, use the astromech droid lock, and enter the side room. use the astromech droid locks on two of the three coloured pods to match the colour shown on the lower circle of the rightmost pod. do this three times to raise the shield around the canister. lego canister 4: in the

apokolips, wow

well, here we are, harley, at the heart of darkseid's empire of terror head up the path and pull down the statue of darkseid on the right. behind it is a vent, so hop through and pull the lever up here to stop the conveyor belt moving. switch to the guys down at the bottom, assemble the fan, and ride up to the poles. flip to the left and jump

the summit

the third area gives you tigress and kid flash against the brain. instead of fighting him directly, take kid flash and head up the right-side conveyor belt ramp. throw the switch at the top so tigress can join you, then beat up the bad guys and the computer on the back wall so you can make a rebound pad. put tigress on it, then fire an arrow at

confront prophet

use hook shots to climb up this area with conveyor belts and avoid the spikes. at the top, start heading to the left. use the hook shot to ride conveyor belts and avoid the spikes and lava here. when you drop down and ride a conveyor belt to the right, you'll see a single block without a spike on the left wall. jump and hook shot through it for

how do you complete the zen garden?

not sure if anyone else has experienced this, but in the quick play section, the night level bonus game the one with the conveyor belt usually gives you a zen garden plant, and its almost always a mushroom plant. i played it three times in a row once and got a plant each time. the pool levels i played the first pool level also gives you

nier: automata

once you're on the conveyor belt you'll be attacked by a medium biped with an axe. he's a bit stronger, but nothing you can't handle. at the end of the conveyor belt, the path to the left is a dead end, so start going right up the stairs. once you're on the conveyor belt, there will be some compressors that deal a ton of damage to you.

Product Information

Environmental Protection and Health One

LUM is of little dust and noise, achieving Environmental Protection Request, it is quite environmentally friendly

To Improve the Purity Two

Low investment cost: LUM use PLC/DCS automatic control system, well save the cost of operators.

High Efficiency Three

LUM has excellent grinding-efficiency for the special design of roller shell and grinding plate curve.

Low Cost Four

Utilize advanced working principle and reduce the grinding time, as a result, the final products has little iron and the whiteness and purity are raised.