copper ore primary gold ore

copper ore primary gold ore

boiler room

the furnace crafting recipe is given to you by clint the morning after you've collected at least 1 copper ore. it doesn't matter how you get the ore, so you can get it from fishing treasure chests or breaking open geodes. smelting requires 5 ore, plus you must have at least on charcoal in your inventory. geologist's bundle - 4/4. reward: omni

where to find gold ore? please help

as far as i know you can't get into the watery cave untill you get the red bell rung, the gold ore can be literally anywhere just keep looking, it only took me an hour to find it start by looking through lvls 6-9 if the ore isn't there look on the lvls 1-5, its better to stay in the mine on one day the mine changes every day , so dont waist all your stamina and have to go on a different day

veins of ore

the hammer of the builders can harvest the actual ore blocks so you can use them in building walls and such, but to get the actual ore for crafting, you have to use a different strong hammer or wrecking ball. sledge hammer should be suitable for most mining needs, but for top tier ores like oricalcum and zenithium, you'll need wrecking balls or

subterranean tower goddess

silver ore you should be familiar with the layout of the subterranean tower since you have been here before. the enemies are stronger now and the treasure crystals have been filled with different items.

new horizons

the maximum you can invest in any given month is 50k gold, or 5 ingots, and i've found that this buys you 166 points on the economic rating. if you're picky about what economic level you invest to, or simply don't want to overinvest to get from 999 to 1000 economy, i've found that each economy point is worth 301 gold of investment 50k divided by 166 and rounding . the importance of a port's

where can i find a gold ore?

i find a lot of good ores in the upper mines, but i know they aren't available at the beginning of the game. i don't even know how i unlocked them. i just went there once to see if i could get to them yet and it worked. also, when i needed gold ore, i went to the watery cave and found some pretty quickly.

where can i find those gold ore

most of the time, there is always gold ore in lava ruin b5 and b6 floor. on b6, there is always 3 rocks, left side of the chamber, before the boss door, you can't miss them. and after you fight the boss, a teleporter appear, in this same chamber. an easy way to find some easy gold, would be to enter the lava dungeon, teleport on b6 floor, take the ore, teleport back, go out of dungeon, and

where can i find iron or copper ore ?

the only place to find the iron or copper ore is in the first levels levels 1 to 9 of the ganache mine. just smash the rocks. you'll eventually find one of the ores and they both need to have one sparkle when you get them otherwise they are a scrap ore.

where can i find copper ore?

where can i find copper ore? i keep finding a ton of silver and iron ore, but without the copper, i can't upgrade my tools. i usually break open rocks on levels 14 and 19. are there any better floors? user info: eveningshadow21. eveningshadow21 - 10 years ago. accepted answer. copper is just a pure pain to find. oddly enough, iron, silver, and gold are fairly easy to get a hold of. i got all

how do i level up my items? where do i get the ores to

the basic ores are found in mine 1, which can be opened if you walk into the mine between 9pm and 11pm. if you hit the rocks with a hammer, you will obtain either: 1. junk ore cannot be used for upgrade 2. copper ore upgrade level 1 3. silver ore upgrade level 2 4. gold ore upgrade level 3 5. mystrile ore upgrade level 4

where can i find silver ore?

iirc you can get it from any area from any ore gathering point, but it rather rare, much like gold ore. your best bet would be to get it from a reward similar to what ace62534 said.

can you turn bricks back into ore?

the only point in not turning ore into bars is, ironically, to make them into bricks. and that only applies to copper, silver, and gold as far as i know. that should be a low priority, reserved only for after all of your equipment is at or better than the level of brick you would want..

recipe list

gold ore x1 copper ore x1: 3: 6: gold chain: all: 1 gold ore x2 flaxen thread x1: 3: 6: gold bracer: all: 1 gold ore x1 copper ore x1: 3: 5: location 'filigree for fun and profit' is found on a bookshelf in gondolia. when you enter gondolia go to the west side of the city to find the church. activate the bookshelf inside to receive the recipe. images. a slender sword of solid silver

a question about refining ores and such

copper ore: 40% chance to become copper. silver ore: 30% chance to become silver. gold ore: 20% chance to become gold. rare ore: 10% chance to become rare metal. wonderfuls have a 75% to 60% to turn into glass which loses you money, and the rest of the time will turn into varying qualities of gems. yellow and purple wonderfuls have only two kinds, but red, green, blue, and white have three

Product Information

Environmental Protection and Health One

LUM is of little dust and noise, achieving Environmental Protection Request, it is quite environmentally friendly

To Improve the Purity Two

Low investment cost: LUM use PLC/DCS automatic control system, well save the cost of operators.

High Efficiency Three

LUM has excellent grinding-efficiency for the special design of roller shell and grinding plate curve.

Low Cost Four

Utilize advanced working principle and reduce the grinding time, as a result, the final products has little iron and the whiteness and purity are raised.